Sermons on Destiny

Sermons on Destiny

Galatians #6 – Freedom to Believe

In this sermon we see that whereas legalism causes people to be tied up and focussed on the immediate, faith in Christ brings freedom to walk into the promises and destiny that God has for you.

David #8 – Legacy for the next generation

In the last sermon in this series we see that David had a heart to pass on good things to his son Solomon – we see this in the directions for building the new temple (1 Chronicles 28). We are encouraged to think about what we are passing on to our children and the next generation.

The Anchor of our Soul

Hebrews 6 refers to the anchor of our souls. We see the importance of having our souls anchored in the storms of life. This anchor is a hope in God to fulfil His promises, guaranteed by Jesus. The anchor keeps us firm but also allows us the freedom to push on in the purposes of God.

In Christ #1 – Introduction

The expression ‘in Christ’ or variation of this is included at least 164 times in the New Testament letters, so it is something that is important to understand. This sermon is an introduction to a series which examines the benefits and implications of being ‘in Christ’. Are you ‘in Christ’, then discover the benefits. If you are not sure, then this will help you.

Teen Challenge – Debbie’s Story

After a recording of the 2016 graduation Debbie tells us about God’s goodness to her and how she got involved in Blackpool. We are glad she is here!

Stand Out from the Crowd

When the twelve men went to spy out the promised land, ten saw the problems and only two saw the possibilities. The ten went on to persuade the people that the task was too difficult (Numbers 13). The two, Joshua and Caleb, had to stand out from the crowd and ultimately they were the ones to inherit the promised land. If you want to inherit what God has got for you, at some point you will need stop going along…

Dream Big

This prophetic word asks us to remember the big dreams that God has given us and to believe once again that He will fulfil them. We are encouraged to write them down (Habakkuk 2:2) and to run with them in faith. If we do so, we can see Blackpool (or any area) transformed by the power of God.

Focus on God and our Destiny in God

As we start 2017, instead of thinking about resolutions we can make his sermon goes through Psalm 149, which focuses on the nature of God, the believer’s relationship with Him and the destiny of the believer as an overcomer in the spiritual realm. It will build up your faith and hep you have the right focus as well as encouraging you to pray with authority.