Sermons on Body of Christ

Sermons on Body of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ (Part 2)

Neville continues with the series that he started last week about the second coming of Christ. This week: Deception, interpreting the signs, standing fast – don’t let love grow cold. This is based on Matthew 24 and 25.

The Purpose of the Church

What happens when we do sit down and have a meal with Jesus – taking some time set aside to pray, speak to Jesus and to engage with the Bible?

Being fit for purpose

Rev Steve Haskett, vicar from St John’s Church in Blackpool, joins us this morning and shares some thoughts on the theme we have been exploring recently on new wineskins for new wine and being fit for purpose for the new outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit.

Serving as the Body of Christ

A really practical sermon about working together as the Body of Christ. There are loads of pieces of wisdom that will help all those serving in church.

The Body of Christ

This word in season looks at the implications of being the Body of Christ – it is vital that we understand and live it out.