"faith" Tagged Sermons

"faith" Tagged Sermons

Galatians #7 – Freedom as children of promise

Three ideas are used to discuss faith in Christ as opposed to legalism – namely covenant, guardian and sons and daughters. Christians have a firm foundation based on the promises of God, the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Galatians #6 – Freedom to Believe

In this sermon we see that whereas legalism causes people to be tied up and focussed on the immediate, faith in Christ brings freedom to walk into the promises and destiny that God has for you.

Abraham and Faith

We see characteristics of Christian faith as we look at the account of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22. Faith, revelation go hand in hand with obedience which leads to far-reaching blessing.

I am the Good Shepherd

We hear some great stories about Jesus being the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for us but also picked it up again!!

I am The Resurrection and the Life

In John 10 and the story of Lazarus we see the stages of physical death and spiritual death, the religious beliefs about resurrection and then see that in Jesus there is true resurrection and eternal life.

I am the Resurrection (Morning)

In John 10 we read the story of Lazarus and see how personal resurrection and life is found in the person of Jesus.