Just Walk Across the Room

Just Walk Across the Room

Grander Vision Living – JWAR#4

This sermon, bringing to an end the Just Walk Across the Room series shows us a better way of living where People and Potential are prioritised. Jesus called the disciples and told them that there was something better than catching little fish – they weren’t the finished article but Jesus saw their potential.

The Power of Story – JWAR#3

The words of our personal stories (testimonies) and also God’s story (Gospel) have great power when told clearly and succinctly from the heart. This practical message gives us some pointers.

Living in 3D – JWAR#2

This is the second in the Just Walk Across the Room series. It shows the importance of developing Friendships, Discovering Stories and Discerning the Next Steps. Very practical.

The Single Greatest Gift (JWAR#1)

This is the first sermon in the Just Walk Across the Room series. It focuses on the greatest gift we can give to anyone and addresses the issues of ‘Entering the Zone of the Unknown’, ‘Listening to the Spirit’ and then ‘Just Walking’. It lays a platform for getting the most out of the Just Walk across the Room course.