Sermons on Joshua

Sermons on Joshua

Leadership Training

A fantastic seminar based around an unknown lady called Sheerah who gets a mention in 1 Chronicles 7:24 and who had a big impact on the destiny of the people of Israel (see Joshua 10:6).

Prayer Walking #1

We hear a talk on the Biblical basis for prayer walking and some fantastic personal stories of how effective it can be.

The Joshua Perspective

Joshua was a man who saw life through God’s perspective, looking at the possibilities not the hindrances, even in his old age.  The Biblical account reflects this as the historical accounts point to God and God’s activity, we could do well follow such a lifestyle example.

Wise Choices

Making wise choices is something we all wish we could do. This sermon gives you some pointers. Joshua places a challenge before the people in Joshua 24:13-15 about the choice to serve God.