Youth Report [Vision Meeting]

Emma Gaze (Youth Report) | 9.02.2022 In September 2020 I started working with Gatehouse Church to develop their youth work. In the youth at the time were 4 young people – Lucy, Peter, Maki and Jeri. The team consisted of Paula, Lewis, Tily and Daniel. We were hoping to start an in person youth club quite soon on, and so we did some Sunday afternoon gatherings to get to know the team and invite friends. Lucy invited two of her…

Hot Chocolate Drop – Limitless Youth

Youth is back & starting the Hot Chocolate Drop again! Youth Outreach is serving the young people walking home from school with a free hot chocolate and a chance to chat. From 3-4pm outside church on a Thursday afternoon.  Youth night has returned – open to any young people Year 6 to Year 13. Thursday nights 7-8:30pm at the Church Community centre during term times.  Please pray for both events.  Emma GazePioneers Project Developer PS. If you would like a…

Congratulations On Your Baptisms

We celebrated Peter, Lucy and Zed’s baptisms on Sunday morning. What an amazing service and we got to see three of our young people committing their lives to Jesus and going through the waters of baptism.

Hot Chocolate for Sale!

The Limitless Blackpool youth team will be raising money this Sunday by selling hot chocolate after the service – 50p a cup. Please support our youth team and pray for their ministry!

Limitless Blackpool

Paula Tamaki, Gatehouse Youth Leader shared an update at a recent Sunday service about their new dynamic youth ministry called Limitless Blackpool. Limitless Blackpool aims to be a family orientated group, centered around family. Volunteer roles will include all generations in the church so that we will be nurturing, serving and encouraging the youth. The Youth group is aimed at year 7-13. Team members Paula, Lewis and Tilly recently completed a training programme to help establish an active youth outreach…

Everybody has a talent

Hi everybody, welcome to the Kids Club! Remember you can download the PDF (Parable of the talents) with all the story and all the activity from the website or you can contact us and we’ll get it printed off for you and drop it round. Transcript So today the story is about talents and I want to remind you that everybody has got a talent and as you go back to school, just think actually I have got something I’m…

Limitless Pioneers

We are excited to announce that a Youth Team from Limitless Pioneers headed by Jamie Price will be working with the Gatehouse Youth Team from September 2020. They will be assisting us to establish an active youth outreach in the community.

Message from Frankie our Pais Worker

Frankie our Pais Worker for this year gives an update on her year here at the Gatehouse and Paula Tamaki (Youth Leader) says a few words of thanks and appreciation on having Frankie here with us.

Youth Connect – WHAT’S ON?

Our Youth Connect team has an exciting and fun line up of events for the rest of May and going into June. These include a film night, waterpark activities, sports and fun in the park, pizza baking and a special BBQ – set a reminder for 6 June! Events for May & June 2019 Upcoming events – Limitless

Paul Mielke: Farewell

It’s been over six months since I came to Blackpool last September. What can I say, the time really seems to have flown by so fast and I can’t believe it’s actually only four months to go until I go back to Germany. So far I feel as though I have come to know so many at the Gatehouse. One advantage of being in a small church is that you can get to know every person which I have really…

Gatehouse Youth Video Production

The Gatehouse Youth team recently produced a video entitled “Are you ready?” The video features Mackie, Peter, Jerry, Zed, Andrei from the Gatehouse youth. Screenplay & camera by Paul Mielke. Post production by Paul Mielke & Daniel Pattinson. Well done to the whole team for contributing to our Family Service held in December last year in such a creative way!

Hi from Paul – Pais Youth Worker

Hello Gatehouse Church! My name is Paul, I’m from Germany and I’m 19 years old and for the next academic year, I will be responsible for youth work in the Gatehouse church! I am part of a global movement called “Pais”, which is an ancient Greek word, which means “child servant of the king”. And this is what Pais is about: Young adults, sacrificing a year (or more) to serve God! I am not on my own there are two…