Thank You Volunteers

There were some inspirational testimonies from some of our Volunteers at Sunday morning’s Volunteer Sunday about what they volunteer as and why they do it. We thank all of the volunteers for their willingness to use their gifts and abilities to strengthen the mission and ministry of the Gatehouse. Here are some of our volunteers and the information tables represented after the service: You can watch the full service on our YouTube channel.

Testimonies – Helps/Volunteering

During this morning’s service we were encouraged to hear from Emma, Liz and Kay who were asked by Neville to tell us a bit about the projects they are involved in here in Blackpool. Emma has visited us here at the Gatehouse and she is doing her Special Education Needs teacher training here in Blackpool and also volunteers at the Blackpool Food Bank. Her main reason to volunteer was that she is heavily involved in a community of vulnerable young…

Don’t Be Ashamed of the Tears

As I look back on my life, I think of 20 years ago this month. I thought my life had come to an end. My husband of 32 years was dying in Victoria Hospital and here I was in Gatehouse Church worshipping God, my heart breaking. Perhaps that’s where you are today, your husband isn’t dying but because of circumstances of life your heart is breaking and you feel you’ll never smile or laugh again. In fact when people are…


At the morning service today we had a powerful message from guest speaker, Valerie Fraser, about forgiveness and what it means to forgive other people for wrongs they have done to us in the past. The scripture verse was taken from Matthew 6:9-14 where Jesus taught His disciples to pray. Verses 12 and 14 speak about us forgiving others as God forgives us. Our Father in heaven,hallowed be your name,10 your kingdom come,your will be done,    on earth as it is in heaven.11 Give us…