Because God loves me

Because God loves me

[1 Corinthians 13:1-8, adapted by Catherine Bladon]

Because God Loves me…it pleases Him to show kindness towards me.

Because God Loves me…He patiently works with my weaknesses to lead
me to a place of maturity and wholeness.

Because God Loves me…He takes the circumstances of my life and uses
them constructively for my growth and to develop His plans for me.

Because God Loves me……He does not seek to belittle me or shame me.

Because God Loves me…He is grieved when I ignore Him and put aside
His instructions, choosing to live in ways that He knows will lead me from
the best in my life towards harm.

Because God Loves me…He is saddened when I am not seeking to honour
His wishes in my life, because He sees the evidence that I do not trust
Him and love Him wholeheartedly.

Because God Loves me…He is well pleased when I draw on His power and
strength to stand up under the pressures and difficulties of life.

Because God Loves me…He does not give up on me – ever! Not even
when I have given up on myself!
His unfailing love gives to me: absolute security, permanent worth and
eternal significance.

Because God Loves me…I need no other hope, meaning or purpose other
than to live out a response to His love.

Because God Loves me:

I do not need to be impatient or unkind:
or envious, boastful or proud:
neither ill-mannered nor self-seeking:
and neither easily angered nor resentful.

I do not need these deceitfully self-protective devices….because….God loves me.