Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

Building Re-opening

Important info as we open the Gatehouse for our first meetings. Transcript So we have a big weekend coming as we are taking our first steps into opening the church up after the months that we have not been able to hold church services. You should be aware that this Sunday, August 2nd at 2pm we are going to be showing the online service for those who want to see it together and then on Wednesday, 5 August at 7pm…

Limitless Pioneers

We are excited to announce that a Youth Team from Limitless Pioneers headed by Jamie Price will be working with the Gatehouse Youth Team from September 2020. They will be assisting us to establish an active youth outreach in the community.

Message from Frankie our Pais Worker

Frankie our Pais Worker for this year gives an update on her year here at the Gatehouse and Paula Tamaki (Youth Leader) says a few words of thanks and appreciation on having Frankie here with us.

COVID Update

Gatehouse Church Update –14th July 2020 Dear Friends I hope you are doing well. I am writing to update you with regard to the Covid situation and our plans at the Gatehouse Church. We continue to run our online services, online Alpha, online connect group and have our pastoral support team that are in contact with you all. These will all continue. Also, you can contact us via our website ( or phone if you wish to contact me. Recently,…

Sermon Series: Christian Living

This month we are revisiting our Sermon Archives and highlighting messages that have been preached here at the Gatehouse in the past with the theme of ‘Christian Living‘. Living the way Jesus wants and dealing with challenges and difficulties by learning from examples (both good and bad) from the Bible and the lives of other Christians. Some of the speakers that have shared messages are Pastor Neville Walker, Kay Walker, Valerie Fraser, Liz Hall, Craig Walker, Kevin Peat, John Davies,…