Sermons on Salvation

Pastor Neville Walker

Who Am I?

In our family service we looked at  ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus – the children have been studying these in Sunday school. The question is asked – ‘what do you think about what Jesus said about Himself?’!

In Christ #12 – Resurrection Part 2

In this second part we see that personal experience of the resurrected Christ and the subsequent transformation of your life is the greatest and most powerful evidence of the resurrection of Christ from the dead and also a future guaranteed. However, we also review some other evidences of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead and the…

Pastor Neville Walker

Enjoy Your Freedom

There are many different aspects to freedom. This talk examines what Jesus said about freedom in John Chapter 8 – true freedom is found in understanding who Jesus is and how he has dealt with sin. In Him all sorts of other aspects of freedom can be found. If you feel in anyway in need…