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Pastor’s Blog #4 – Bible Reading Plan

The thing that has helped me most in my walk with God this year has been using a Bible reading plan.

This weekend I have spoken about the transformational impact that the Word of God has on our lives, and yet I know it can be difficult to develop a regular habit of reading the Bible. I don’t find this any easier than most people reading this blog. Over the years I have tried different reading plans (but generally preferred to read the Bible without any aids), but this last year I have found the Bible in One Year reading App with commentary by Nicky + Pippa Gumbel most helpful. It is easily downloaded onto a phone and so very accessible – it also keeps a track of what you have read and this encourages me to keep up to date or to catch up if I have got a few days behind. The balance of Old Testament and New Testament is good and the commentary helps focus on the central themes (you can listen to this if you don’t want to read it!), without stopping me listening to God myself.

All in all, along with the prayer ‘Holy Spirit, please teach me and change me today as I read your word’, I have found a lot of strength and inspiration and on several occasions I have read something which is exactly the right word for a situation I faced that day.

You can find out more by visiting the Bible in One Year website ( ).