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Pastor’s Blog #7 – Celebrating Unity and Enjoying Differences

Today, I had a really good time with local leaders from three other churches in our immediate locality as we met to pray and plan for our local expression of Love the Fylde on October 15th. We are going to distribute prayer cards and do a street clean-up in Aintree Road and the surrounding streets.

There was no sense of awkwardness as we walked down the streets and prayed together, all united in a desire to see light come into darkness so that people’s lives could be improved by an encounter with God. We enjoyed each other’s company and were all interested in each other’s churches and situations surrounding them. Even though our churches are geographically so close, we haven’t worked together like this before. Our spirits were united by our common love for Jesus, our shared salvation experience and a heart for people in dark situations.

When we sat down to plan we were able to work together very well, with everyone willing to do what they could. We then planned a date for a joint prayer meeting – which became more difficult as we and our congregations all have different routines. However, by listening to each other and being willing to accommodate each other’s preferences, we managed to find a time that we can try and which will work for some people, but probably not all. The discussion finally came round to song choices and this was the funny part – our churches have such different worship styles and song preferences, that they were poles apart and what one church enjoys another would hate. The wonderful thing about this meeting was that we could have a laugh about it and trust someone to find a middle ground that would work. I thought it was brilliant that we could laugh at ourselves, accept the differences and enjoy our unity in Christ with much joy.

I’m sure we are going to gain so much from each other as the Lord commands a blessing.