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Pastor’s Blog #3 – Quality Ministry

I have been challenged reading 1 Corinthians 3. Paul is speaking to a church which is divided with different groups following different people. In the end, Paul says that they shouldn’t be focussing on partisanship; rather each person should focus on their own lives and ministry for the Lord and let Him judge the quality of that life and ministry.

It is a given that the foundation for what we do is Jesus Christ – there can be no other foundation. What we do is for Him, inspired by faith in Him, in obedience to Him and led by the Spirit of Christ.  Building on that foundation there are all sorts of different people with different ministries and work for the Lord. I see that for all of us, the work we do will not determine whether we will be saved, but its quality will determine what rewards we get.

Personally, I would like to build something that is of quality which will survive God’s testing. In order to do this, I believe that my service for the Lord Jesus needs to come out of a place of prayer, faith, obedience and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Its hallmark has to be love, grace and purity.

That is a massive challenge, but I think that is part of our high calling in Christ.