Gatehouse Visiting Team


  • To ensure people in hospital are visited as least once a week.
  • To help everyone feel connected and valued.
  • To ensure everyone is cared for.


  • People who can listen and pray.
  • People who care.
  • People who are comfortable making conversation.
  • Mixed ages and background.


  • If 6 people do 2 visits a month, 120 people can receive a visit each year.
  • Hospital visits are given priority.
  • People with transport linked to those without.
  • Can be meeting for a coffee instead of in home.
  • Training night.
  • Visit in two’s.
  • Inexperienced team members paired with experienced.

Please contact Kay Walker if you would like to join the Team!

Anyone who would like a visit please get in touch.

Pictured: Lisa – volunteer Team Member manning the Visiting Team table at the Ministry Fair held recently.