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Guest Blog #3 – Cefn Lea Reflections by Liz Hall

We set off to Cefn Lea, in torrential rain with a considerable wind, and very low visibility on the motorway.  Not exactly filled with excitement with the thought of spending the next four nights in a field possibly in the rain, all be it all warm and dry in a caravan.

How wrong we were as we neared Cefn Lea, the rain stopped and the clouds dispersed and we had fabulous weather for the next three days.  That meant we could explore the beautiful countryside around the site, and enjoy the views and for the more sporty join in the many fun activities available.  Brian and I really enjoyed some of the walks around the site, and an afternoon visiting spectacular dams nearby with Charlie and Stephen.

The meetings were fantastic, and full of the presence of God.  The worship style was quite different that we are used to at home, that was a really good experience because it meant we could not just fall into doing Church as usual.  We had different speakers in the meetings each bringing something fresh and a new different perspective.  For me personally I came away with much to think about and apply to my life.

It was a great opportunity to meet with people from other Elim churches around the region, and hear what is going on in different parts of the area.

Probably the outstanding feature for most of us as a Church on holiday together was really getting to know each other so much better than could be achieved in a year of Sundays.  I would love to encourage others to go to this event next year, you will be challenged, encouraged and ministered to.  Above that that unity we so often prayed for really has time to develop by just spending time with each other just chatting, sharing meals of coffee, walking in the beautiful surroundings, or joining in the activities.