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Guest Blog #2 – Sharpening Your Axe

Summer is upon us and many people are on holiday and I pray that they are all having a blessed and relaxing time. I just want to remind everyone that all the Connect Groups are on a break for the whole of the month of August – the Tuesday night prayer meetings will continue as normal.

This morning I read something which I am simply going to repost for you to ponder:-

There was a group of men, including a young hot-blooded man called Joe and a number of older men, clearing a jungle. Joe was very hard-working – he even worked through his break time. He complained that the older men were wasting time, taking so many breaks to drink and chat. As time went by, Joe noticed that even though he worked through break time and hardly took a rest, he was accomplishing no more than the older men did. It was as if they worked through their break time, too. So he decided to work harder. Unfortunately the results were even worse.

One day, one of the older men invited Joe for a drink during their break time. Joe refused and said he had no time for idleness! Then the old man smiled to him and said, “You’re wasting time chopping trees without sharpening your axe. Sooner or later you will give up from exhaustion.”

Suddenly Joe realized that during break times while the older men were having a chat, they were also sharpening their axes! And that’s how they could chop faster than he could while spending less time!

In Stephen Covey’s book THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE a whole chapter is devoted to “sharpening the axe.” Pastors need time away. Lay people need it, too. We need work, rest, worship and play to function at our best in all situations.