Church Calendar

Youth Connect

Our Youth team run a weekly Youth Connect on Thursday evenings and have been joining up with other churches’ youth groups on a monthly basis. The Pais team have had a hot chocolate outreach to engage with pupils coming out from South Shore Academy and this has been very successful – it has been an encouragement to see the Tamaki family joining in with this. Some of the young people have been able to attend the Limitless One Event which takes place in February.

We believe that God has a plan for every young person and we want to thank everyone who is volunteering in this area for their faithfulness, creativity, passion, prayers and hard-work. God bless you!

Morning church services

We endeavour to help the youth in our church grow in their Christian walk through youth provision on 3 out of 4 Sundays a month. We are grateful to our Pais workers (Paul, last year – 2019 and Frankie this year) for their hard work and also to the small but dedicated team that assist.

The Youth volunteer table at a recent Ministry Fair held at the Gatehouse. [In picture: Pais worker Frankie and Youth volunteer Paula]