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Pastor Dave Latham

Guest Speaker – Dave Latham

PastorDave Latham
Pastor Dave Latham

Pastor Dave Latham will be our guest speaker at 10:30am and 6:30pm on Sunday 21st November.

Dave is a half-hearted Liverpool FC supporter but a totally fanatical Christian who believes God can do anything. He and his wife have four children and  they have ministered in most continents of the world over 30 years.

Dave is the senior pastor of City Church Liverpool and ministers regularly across the country. His main emphasis is not to promote a brand of religion but to bring people into a living relationship with God.

He has seen many people saved, healed, delivered and Baptised in the Holy Spirit. He says that the best part of a meeting is when the talk is over and we create space for the Holy Spirit to work.

“Just had another testimony today of a girl who was prayed for on the Sunday you were here and was totally healed.  She had a rare condition which means your body reacts with an allergic reaction to water on the skin.  The doctors had totally given up and were unable to offer anything more, even after seeing specialist consultants.  Well, since that Sunday she has been enjoying a hot bath every night and is shouting hallelujah for a wonderful healing!!” Pastor Tom Griffiths – London.

If you come to the meeting expect a miracle!