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Elim Leadership Summit – Inspiring and Challenging

Usually, one of my favourite things about Elim’s annual conference (more recently called Elim Leaders Summit or ELS) has been meeting up with friends and colleagues with whom there is such a loving bond.

This year has had that same pleasure but there has been a more overwhelming sense of privilege to be involved in an organisation with leaders who are open to the Spirit of God, willing to understand the world we live in and are committed to making changes in order to effectively see people, communities, cities and nations transformed by a Gospel which never changes. There is a greater sense of need and desire for intimate presence with God with ministry flowing from that. I am acutely challenged to dig deeper and to have my thinking expanded by the Spirit of God and not be satisfied with my experience and understanding to this point – take me deeper Lord, and renew my mind that I might see Blackpool transformed for the glory of God.

Please take some time to have a listen to some of the inspirational and challenging messages delivered by some excellent communicators at ELS. Follow this link to access them – .